The beauty of Mother Nature.

I’m always amazed at the beauty of mother nature.
Being outdoors in all types of weather.
Seeing her gentleness.
Witnessing her power.
I enjoy going out on the water and watching the wildlife.
The majesty of the mountains and the forests.
The vastness of the oceans. …

In the self-defense mindset, the second thing that must happen is to put it into the body.

Then in the body,
Here is where it continues
Learn the KISS method

Keep It Simple Skills
Learn how it works.
Learn the weapons you have.
Learn how to use these weapons.
Learn how to generate…

An unseen advantage

In Tai Chi, we have a saying.

  • First in the mind
    This is where it is starts
  • Then in the body,
    Here is where it continues
  • Then in the world.
    This is where it gets real

Most self-defense/martial art schools use this philosophy but don’t emphasize the…

A walking stick with attitude.

A walking stick with attitude. If you’re looking for or need a cane or walking stick that you can rely on, this is the one. It’s made of hardwood with a weighted end and sturdy tip. The tips can be interchangeable and some come with a rubber guard.

You can…

Get the lock first

There are joint locks used in most martial arts systems. There may be different ways to get there, but the locks are similar. They work with body mechanics.

A lot of students have trouble with them, but only because they tried to rush or use muscle and speed to make…

Free training you can put to use everywhere!

Planning on selling your goods and wear at a festival or show?
You know everything there is to know about it, right.
Can you do it better?
Do you know of ways that you can sell more?

We have a blacksmith gathering coming up soon.

One of the things…

Why did you


If a fight is happening

Who is the winner

If you are going to be in a fight you might as well be the winner.

The one who throws the first punch is usually the winner.

You might be the most mild-mannered person anyone would ever meet but if…

I've had a Quora account for a while but only read the answers. Didn't realise we could post our medium stuff there. I will be doing it soon. Great information.

Larry Nowicki

👄The KISS Specialist👄 👍simple makes it easy 😉break it down to basics Keep It Simple Skills. Bubble technician

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